Soyez prêts à affronter tous les terrains. Des montées impossibles aux descentes les plus engagés, ce vélo ultra-polyvalent passe littéralement partout grâce à sa suspension Maestro et son cadre en Advanced-Composite.

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Trance Advanced delivers cutting edge performance so you can climb faster and descend with more control. Featuring 140mm of rear suspension travel and 150mm up front, plus the agile all-rounder performance of 27.5 wheels, this progressive trail bike can do it all. The refined Maestro suspension system includes a trunnion mount shock and Advanced Forged composite rocker arm, which makes the whole chassis lighter and stronger. And overall frame geometry has evolved with shorter chainstays and a longer toptube for confident handling on aggressive terrain.

2020 Trance Advanced with interactive tooltips


Advanced Composite
Advanced Forged Composite
Suspension Maestro

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